A work in progress: crocheted baby blanket

My little sister Emily gave birth to her beautiful daughter Savannah six months ago, giving me my first opportunity to crochet a baby blanket. After much deliberation and abandoning a couple of patterns, I decided to make a plain white blanket, in a basic shell stitch. It look a couple of months, but the end product was well worth the effort and the wait.

Needless to say, the blanket became a hit with the baby, the stitch proving very sturdy and warm.

While I was pleased with my knitted blanket, it didn’t come out as big as I’d hoped, so I’ve decided to crochet my baby one, also in shell stitch, but this time in different colours. Here it is, a work in progress. It’s already taking an age, but I’m pleased with how it’s turning out.

If you don’t crochet and would like to learn how, I’ve picked up loads of tips and techniques from a book called How to Crochet, by Pauline Turner.


3 thoughts on “A work in progress: crocheted baby blanket

  1. The blanket is lovely! I think the shell stitch is one of the best ones for babies, because they don’t get their fingers entwined in it as easily when the are teeny-tiny. I love to use varigated yarn so that you get the colors without the nuisance of tying off each row. (Laziness speaking here, ya’ know!)

    • Great idea about using varigated yarn! that would have made life a lot easier. I’m loving making it – although I’ve been a bit distracted lately making an amigurumi dragon! I’m a bit prone to having more than one project on the go at once! xx

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