Meet a baby dragon named Colin

Colin the baby dragon

This is Colin. He’s the baby dragon I finished making last night. Yes I am also in the middle of my baby’s blanket… but once I’d got my hands on the pattern and yarn… I couldn’t resist starting him. That was Saturday. I’d brought the pattern on Etsy, from a wonderful online shop called The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

After a slightly shaky start making his head, I moved onto shape his body, legs, wings and ears with ease. It was really great watching him take shape – but his true character wasn’t revealed until I sewed him on some eyes! The last stage, including sewing the stripes across his belly and the spikes along his back, was observed with much interest and attempted participation from our cat, Gwen.

I wanted to call him Puff. But Gwil said it was just too obvious – and started calling him Colin. Even though I thought this was ridiculous at first – the name has somehow stuck.

So here we have him – Colin the baby dragon. He’s going to be our baby’s first toy. The poor little chap is going be surrounded by herds of amigurumi animals at this rate, I think they might be taking over as my crochet addiction from the flowers!

I went on a bit of a needle shopping spree on eBay the other day and am waiting the arrival of some new double-pointed knitting needles and an ‘easy grip’ type crochet needle, so more flowers are on the cards this week, plus I must do some more work on the endless baby blanket.



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