Things to make on a rainy Bank Holiday

Being pregnant allows you some luxuries. My favourite of these is sitting with my feet up, drinking endless cups of Redbush tea, listening to music and deciding what to make next out of yarn or food!

A rainy Bank Holiday provides an excellent setting for this. Looking out my bedroom window, I feel no compulsion to venture outside. The cat hasn’t moved off the bed all day, which is a sure sign.

While out shopping yesterday, I realised I needed a couple of newborn baby hats. I’ve already knitted one, but it’s too big for a newborn. So I decided this was a perfect project for today, coupled with a pair of booties.

I spent quite a while looking at all the lovely patterns on Ravelry, before I picked this one from Kelley’s Yarns Blog Spot. I teamed it up with a separate pattern for newborn booties I’d downloaded ages ago, by Judith Prindle.

I picked up a pretty pale turquoise DK acrylic in Hobbycraft yesterday, which I thought would be the perfect yarn to use to make a matching set (Baby Bonus, DK, shade 0853).

A couple of hours later, these were the finished products. I’m also going to make another set in a different colour to take to the hospital.

Crochet Newborn Hat and Booties

Crochet Newborn Hat and Booties

I thought I’d also share some hooking handywork with you from earlier on in the week. At the moment, most nights I’m writing a new recipe and crocheting/knitting something, so it’s sometimes hard to decide what to blog about next!

After completing Colin the Baby Dragon, I brought a copy of Nicki Trench’s Super-Cute Crochet and decided to start by making one of her Sugar Mice on Thursday. The previous two evenings had been spent getting to grips with double-pointed knitting needles, while making a carnation and a tulip from 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet, by Lesley Stanfield.

So I decided to sit them all together for a picture. The mouse is called Milly and I’ve given her to my mum.

Milly the Sugar Mouse with flowers

Milly the Sugar Mouse (crochet) with flowers (knitted)


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