The adventure of the Japanese Flowers

Pretty Japanese Flowers

A few months ago, while browsing Pinterest for some crochet and wedding ideas, I came across a picture of the most beautiful crocheted shawl. It was posted on a magnificent French blog called Granny Mania – as Etole Japonaise – or Japanese Flower Scarf. I was in love. I knew I had to find out how to make the flowers so I could create a beautiful shawl to wear round my shoulders.

Some quick Googling soon revealed the mystery behind these stunning flowers. Many people were already talking about them on blogs and on Ravelry… as the pattern is only available direct from a Japanese crochet book and copyright issues are preventing people from reproducing it online.

The inspiring Lucy of Attic 24 created her own glorious scarf and post offering solutions to help hookers figure out how to make the flowers themselves.

Japanese Flower Scarf by Lucy of Attic 24

Search on Pinterest for Japanese Flower Scarf and you can see all the versions people have come up with by trial and error.

I attempted to follow some of the diagrams and guidelines people kindly posted, including Craft Divas, on their blog. I was making flowers, but they just didn’t look exactly right.

Flower diagram

Then I knew exactly what to do. My Aunty Helen is a crochet master. She has taught me everything I know and has an amazing collection of items she has crafted over the years. So I emailed her some pictures and asked if she could work out how to make a Japanese Flower. A week or so later, I received a letter in the post from her – including a perfectly formed flower, complete with a brilliant pattern!

After a couple of practice flowers, I purchased some rather lovely Rowan Cotton Glace in eight different colours and set about making 24 flowers to customise some new bedroom curtains.

Now I’ve got them down to a tee, I can start planning what yarn to choose to make my wedding scarf. Here are some of the end results – I’m really pleased with them.

My collection of Japanese Flowers

Japanese Flower

Japanese Flower

9 thoughts on “The adventure of the Japanese Flowers

  1. I’m now on a mission to learn to crochet, they’re wonderful. I’ve just told auntie Helen about revelry and she’s most excited. Lovely blog. Can’t wait for babe in crochet photos. Loads of love, Clairex

    • Hi Claire! So glad you like the blog. Yes Ravelry is great isn’t it, I’ve found lots of nice free patterns on there. Poor baby is going to be head to toe in crochet – soon I hope!
      Best of luck with learning to crochet – maybe you could join a local Stitch & Bitch group?
      Lots of love
      Helen xxx

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