How To Make Different Shapes in Crochet


Getting to grips with crochet really is quite simple with a bit of practice. Once you have progressed beyond making a chain, then doing lines of double crochet or trebles to form a rectangle – many people ask me how to start making different shapes.

So here are some simple instructions to help if you’d like to start making flat disks, spheres, ovals and sausage shapes – which come in particularly useful for creating little amigurumi creatures, like my mouse, or crocheted cat. They are also essential for making hats for babies!

Working in Rounds
When working in rounds, the work continues with no turning, by joining a chain of stitches together to form a central ring. Start by reading these instructions from Crochet for Dummies to get you started if you’ve never done it before. This is how you’d start of when making things such as hats, toys and doilies for example.

Flat Disk
To make a flat circle, you need to increase in every row, by working two stitches into each stitch in the first row, then into every other stitch in the following row, every third stitch in the third row. Continue to increase using this format until the disk becomes as large as you want it.

To make a sphere, like a ball to form the head of a toy, increase the diameter of the circle as above, then level off (by not increasing for a round), before beginning to decrease.  You decrease by working two stitches together every other stitch in the following row, and every third stitch in the next row, until the hole closes in on the sphere.

Egg Shape
To make the fat end of an egg, increase in every stitch in the first row, every alternate stitch in the second row, every third stitch in the third row and every fourth in the forth row. Keep straight for one round, then decrease gradually as above, but with a straight row (by not increasing) between each decrease row.

Similar to making a sphere, but after the initial increasing rows keep straight for the required length, then decrease rows as before.

These instructions are adapted from some given in Amigurumi: 15 Patterns and Dozens of Techniques for Creating Cute Crochet Creatures.


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