A trip to the Junk Yard

Beetroot Bomb 2

Beetroot Bomb

I’ve cooked food in a range of different places, from yurts and tents, to caravans, campfires, restaurants and little kitchens. It’s also been fun recently to take pictures of food in different places! We’ve been putting together a new website for Pioneering Vegetarian Producers The Parsnipship. Head Chef Ben said he ‘didn’t like plates’, so we thought we’d pay a trip to a neighbouring junk yard, with a tray full of their lovely pies and bakes. You will soon be able to order them online and have them delivered to your door, anywhere in the UK.

Beetroot Bomb Fire 2

Beetroot Bomb on Fire

Indian Summer Pie Junk

Indian Summer Pie

Log and metal

Hanging out in the junk yard

Landrover 2

Mushroom and Nut Junk 2 small

Mushroom and Nut Roast


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