Go to Bristol to enjoy the very best Vegan Pizza

Amazing vegan pizza

Amazing vegan pizza

I used to have the pleasure of living in the vegan food heaven that is Bristol. A couple of years ago an Italian fast food restaurant opened on Bond Street, called Pepe Nero. The food looked amazing, but as a vegan, I got chatting to owner, Salvatore Persano and asked for my pizza to be served without the cheese.

And that’s where it all began…now Pepe Nero boast a magnificent vegan menu, serving the very best and totally delicious vegan pizzas, garlic bread, pasta dishes and sweets.

Last Saturday, I revisited and couldn’t believe my eyes how many veggie and vegan options they have on the menu.

Pepe Nero use a combination of vegan cheese and meat alternatives with fresh vegetables to create a range of lovely toppings. They include: margherita, spinach, sausage and mushroom, vegan tofu, bacon style and ham & pineapple. I had the very best – Vegan Fest (pictured). This includes mozzarella style cheese, tomato,  aubergines, courgettes, peppers, rashers, cheating ham, onion and olives. They even do vegan garlic bread with ‘cheese’, vegan lasagna, vegan cannelloni and panini options.

Almond milk is available for coffees and they also sell vegan cakes!

So if you’re vegan and going anywhere near Bristol, you must give Pepe Nero a visit, they really are setting a fabulous example of how to cater for every diet. The menu is available on their Facebook page.

PS Apologies for the publishing last night of an incomplete post (Vegetable Thoran recipe). That will teach me to try and post from a smart phone.



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