Retreat 2015 041

My name is Helen Wilson and I am vegan chef specialising in vegetarian & vegan food writing, recipe development and photography.

I am currently the head cook at Swansea’s Urban Zen Yoga Cafe, in South Wales.

I lead vegan cookery workshops at Urban Zen and also teach cookery at Yoga Satsanga Ashram in Pembrokeshire, where I am currently also training as a senior yoga teacher.

Retreat 2015 024

For inquiries about recipe development, food photography, or cookery consultation, please email me at helenmrossiter@gmail.com. See my professional page for further information.

For more information about my yoga and cookery retreats, visit http://www.womankindyoga.com



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Helen, I am the jerky lady you met at Mumbles market on Saturday.We have a new flavour we would love you to try, if you send me your address I can pop one in the post for you.
    regards Suzi

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