How to make a knitting pattern your own: Baby Rasta Jacket

Baby Rasta Jacket

Baby Rasta Jacket

With my collection of crochet and knitted flowers, baby hats and booties getting out of control, I decided to embark on a larger, more time-consuming knitting project for a couple of weeks.

This little baby, who is due to arrive sometime in the next month, already has a rather large wardrobe, 80% of which has been kindly donated by family and friends. The collection includes several knitted and crocheted newborn cardigans – which I can see him fitting into for all of a week at this rate! So, I decided to knit a jacket/cardigan for when he is slightly older.

I also wanted to make something that was a bit more in line with his parent’s slightly quirky style – like my love of colours and his dad’s rather substantial dreadlocks!

Yellow and green crochet edging

Yellow and green crochet edging

I chose a cardigan pattern from First Steps, Learn to Knit, by Sirdar. I welcome knitting patterns to follow, as I’m still nowhere near as accomplished at knitting as I am at crochet – but I do like to break the rules a bit! I’m not a fan of bland pastel colours for instance – so with most of the baby patterns I’ve used I’ve always picked my own colours. This cardigan was no exception. I opted for a bright red instead of cream and decided to customise it with yellow and red crochet edging, instead of the blue crosses the pattern suggested.

The pattern was easy to follow and great if you just want to relax with your knitting without having to consult it every two minutes. All I would say is that despite following the smallest sizing options, the cardigan came out rather large… at least post six months I’d say. I apologise for the slightly poor quality of the photographs; I’m currently mourning the loss of the use of a Nikon D50 since I’ve been on maternity leave and haven’t been able to get my own digital SLR as yet.

Sleeves and bottom edge

Sleeves and bottom edge


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